Screen Credits


“Rumbo to the rescue!” Barney does his stunt leap through a huge sugar glass window!! A scene from the movie “Fluke.”


Zyrtec-interactive game Dogs
You Tube/Google Dog

Still/Print Shoots

Target Songbirds, frogs, dogs
Text-A-Pet Dogs
Nature Made Dog
Ford Dog
Tennis Channel Kangaroo
Vanity Fair Tiger cubs


Journey of Faith Camel

Music Videos

Ariana Grande Dogs
Lloyd Cats
Muse Attack dog
Kid Rock   Horse

Selected Commercials

Target Cats, dogs, Target dog
Nikki the Target dog

Home of the Target dog

VW Cat, dogs, frogs, lizards
LA Tourism Dog, cat
Sears Optical Dog
Toyota Rav-4 Dogs
Samsung Dog
Vicks Dogs
Audi Dog
Pet Armour Dogs
Gold’s Gym Dog
Nook 2 Dog
Pepsi Colored doves
Ken’s Salad Dressing White rabbits
Juicy Juice Dog
TGI Fridays Dog, chickens, goat, donkey
Moen Dog
Turbo Tax Dog
Honda CR-V Dogs
Dodge Horses, dog, fish, lizard
DIRECTV Cat, dogs, frogs, lizards
Prius Dogs
Almay Dog, kittens
Comcast Dogs, cat
Verizon Dog
Anti-Smoking PSA Cats, camel
Diet Mountain Dew Sled dogs
Suzuki Dogs
Walmart Cats, dogs
Budweiser Dog
Uniglo Heat tech Dogs
US Cellular Dog
Coit Dog
Cracker Barrel Sleeping chicken
Enterprise Rent-A-Car Dog
Subway Pigeons
Ally Bank Groundhogs
Bank of America Dogs
Embryl Horse and carriage
NFL Red Zone White pigeons
Scion Dog
Hyandai Steers
Levis Coyote
FedEx Seagull
Sears Capuchin monkey
Tide Dog
T-Mobile Horses
Mass Mutual Dog
Sauza Tequila Puppies
Chevy Cats
Lowes Dog
Crown Royal Dog, lion
Macys Dog
Cisco Butterflies, bees
Union Bank “Unicorn”
Direct TV wolves
Sonic Macaw, tortoises
Sam’s Club Dog
Schticky Dogs, cat
LG Dog
Degree Bears
McDonalds Dog
Toyota Corolla Horses
Hummer Hyena, Mandrill Baboon, crow, boar, wolves, dog
Nyquil Roosters
Jimmy Dean Squirrels
Lion King II Giraffe, lion, camel, pigeons

Selected Television Productions

Wonder Years (series-4 years) Dogs, cats, sheep, cows, owl
Mafia sheep

We do hoofed stock, too! Preparing to do a silly gag for the movie, “Mafia.” Note famous director Jim Abrams to the left (wearing shorts, of course!).

Thirty Something (series-4 years) Dogs, cats, sheep, cows, owl
Party Of Five (series-4 years) Dog, porcupine, birds
Pretender Ducks, lizards, spiders, cats, dogs, rat, roaches
Clueless Tiger, bear, frog, ants, reptiles, dog, cat
Chicago Hope Bulldog, bird
Martial Law Lion, monkeys, snake, rats, roaches, dog
100 Deeds For Eddie McDowd Dogs, cats, rats, cockatoo
MYOB Dogs, kittens, piglet, chickens, rats, guinea pigs
That’s Life Squirrel, cats, dogs
Not A Clue/American Dreams/The District Dogs
Cold Case Horses, rabbits, cats, dogs
King Of Queens (Series-nine years) Penguins, owls, dogs,pigeons, cats
Rodney Racoon, donkey, pigeons
Nip Tuck Maggots, birds, medicinal leeches
Medium Deer, dogs, cats, pigs
Invasion Alligator, turtles, baboons, cat, dogs, pig, flamingo
Justice Rats
Heroes Lizards, dog, rats, bugs
Without A Trace Barnyard stock, dogs
The New Normal Reocurring character dog and puppy, dogs, cats, macaw, turkeys
American Horror Story Dogs, chick, pig
The Jay Leno Show/Tonight Show (over 200 shows) Dogs, chickens, tarantualas, Cop-N-Kitty, beaver, Orangutan, bugs, elephant, monkey
The Secret Life of an American Teenager Reocurring character dog, Moose, dogs, kittens
Cold Case Race horses, dogs
Germany’s Next Top Model Bees, squirrel monkey
America’s Next Top Model Bees
Fresh Beat Band Penguins, chickens, rabbit
The Defenders promo Chickens
S.I.L.A. pilot Attack dogs, dog
Baby Daddy Puppies, dog

Selected Features

Lonesome Dove Snakes
Sneakers 1,000 geese
Hot Shots, Part Deux & Hot Shots (segments) Chickens, goats, mice, dogs, dove
Stargate Horses, camels, cats, dogs
Fluke Dogs, Chimpanzee, cats, forest and laboratory animals
Mr. Wrong Chimpanzees, dogs, goats, mule, bird
One Fine Day Cats
Spawn Dog, insects, rats
Apt Pupil Cats
Mafia Baboon, tiger, dogs, barnyard animals
Adams Family Reunion Raven, dogs, cat
Richie Rich’s Christmas Wish Dog, reindeer, pigs, cats
La Cucaracha Cockroaches, goats, dog
The Cowboy and The Movie Star Bear, cougar, horses, cattle, dog
Double Take Dog, emus
Windtalkers Barnyard stock
Confidential Report Camel, Gila Monster
Romy & Michelle Prequel Cats, snake
Country Bears Chickens, pigeons, goats, horses
44 Minutes (Shootout in North Hollywood) Dogs
The Italian Job Spiders, cats, dogs
Be Cool (sequel to Get Shorty) Dogs
Running With Scissors Cat, dog, barnyard stock
Big Mama’s House 2 Dog
Red Canyon Attack dogs
Hunting and Fishing Dogs, cats
Glow (student film) Cats
Jackass 2 Dogs
Answers To Nothing (independent film) Dogs
Happy Contest (student film) Dogs
Reach Me Dogs
Ticket Out Attack dogs
Cool Dog Dogs
Eagle Eye Security dogs, goats, sheep
Aussie and Ted Dogs, cat, porcupine


Denise Soulam Chip Vucelich
Lindsley Parsons III Carr Donald
Greg Wolf Matej Purg
Feel free to call our competitors, also; they’ll tell you we have well trained animals, run an honest business, and that they use our animals to supplement their own!